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Fuego, the company behind a line of innovative outdoor grills, needed help building their brand and introducing their product to the public and key segments of the distribution and media. The company and product are unique and innovative, and the materials had to reflect those qualities. Naming, identity, brand development, collateral and exhibit design were all facets of the project.


The Fuego brand and product line were introduced at the Kitchen and Bath show in Chicago. We were asked to design an exhibit for the launch that reflected Fuego’s innovative product design and would stand out from the visual noise of the trade show landscape.

We designed a circular 20 x 20 ft. exhibit, using translucent resins attached to a frame of aluminum struts. At its core was an internally lit monolithic wall. The two grills were displayed at its base and the top surfaces of the two grills were displayed at its crown. Two monitors within the space played a video detailing product features.

For the launch of the Fuego line of outdoor kitchens we created an exhibit that was evocative of contemporary modern architecture. The 30′ x 40′ form of EcoCem concrete panels and maple wood slats was rotated on its access to distinguish it from the other structures surrounding it that conformed to the exhibit space grid.

Floating above the space was a grid of screens where a projection of digital clouds floated. And at your feet thick rubber floors signaled change as you entered. A bar was designed for the afternoon media parties that were held within the space.