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The NextWare Sessions were a series of convenings designed to forward crossdisciplinary collaboration to advance critical thinking in cybersecurity. They were conceived by the Center for a New American Security, an independent and nonpartisan research institution that develops national security and defense policies. 

During the Sessions, a select group of experts from key fields participated in a series of interactive workshops designed to address barriers and identify actionable methods for successful future collaboration. The design work began with the developing the name, and continued with the design and development of an identity and digital toolkit.

digital toolkit

The Sessions concluded with the prototype release of a toolkit designed to be used by stakeholders from any discipline when developing solutions to endemic cybersecurity challenges. The toolkit was released under a Creative Commons license on GitHub with the intention that cybersecurity practitioners will continuously enhance and improve it over time.

The tools within the toolkit were designed to work either independently or in conjunction with each other, all in the same visual language. The first tool helped plot threat assessments on a graph, the second one allowed for scoping all pertinent issues, and the third focused on evaluating the impact of the threats over time. Below are sample interactions from each one.

The look & feel was also extended to a handful of tools were released as powerpoint templates and several resource documents designed in-house, such as this Sony Hack timeline.