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A new communications system was developed for the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, home to the world’s largest collection of computing artifacts. The visuals focused on the Museum’s unparalleled collection, and prominently featured photos of some of its 100,000+ artifacts.

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Core Magazine is a yearly publication distributed to members. Through over five years of developing the magazine, it has developed its own system within the broader set of Museum communications.

In 2011 the Computer History Museum opened Revolution: a major 25,000 square-foot new exhibition. The opening marked a major milestone in the history of the Museum, as it transformed the entire space and presented their vast collection—from the abacus to the smart phone—in a whole new way. A series of materials were designed to support the exhibition.

The visual system is grounded on elements extracted from the Museum’s collection—bold geometry and crisp photography—that have been treated consistently throughout the entire family.