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A new identity was designed for the San Francisco Arts Commission, a city agency that champions the arts and plays a crucial role in making art an essential part of the community. The mark explores the many connections that the Commission creates—between artists and the public, between organizations and resources, and even between different agency programs.


The rebranding aims to unify all of the agency’s programs into a single, cohesive visual system. To that end, a cohesive set of guidelines was created.

As an extension of the SFAC brand, an identity was designed for WritersCorps, a national writing program focused on young people. The goal was to create a bold, strong mark that tied in with the broader SFAC brand and also appealed to its youth audience. The mark centers on a W for WritersCorps, drawn to be evocative of a bookmark. The star makes a reference to the organization’s legacy and its AmeriCorps roots.