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An identity was designed for SF Indiefest, a group that organizes film festivals in the Bay Area. Posters, ads, and program guides were designed for two different film showcases—a documentary festival and an independent film festival. Bold, eye catching solutions are used to promote the yearly events.


Process Highlight
In 2013, Indiefest celebrated its 16th anniversary, and they had a “Sweet 16” theme to the festival and some of the parties. For the artwork, we played with various candy associated with movies: red vines, dots. etc. It was a fun and messy shoot. Here are few of the outtakes:

Unchosen Paths
Throughout our relationship with SF Indiefest, we’ve shown many studies that have not been selected. Even though they never made it to production, we wanted to share some of our favorite non-selected comps for Docfest.